Karahayit Red Springs in Pamukkale

Karahayit Red Springs

Karahayit hot springs are located in Karahayit Town, Denizli, Turkey. It’s about 5 km north of the famous Pamukkale Travertine and has similar characteristics like that of Pamukkale. Due to the minerals existing in its structure, the hot spring water spreads reddish color to the environment and it is believed that they provide healing to visitors for 5000 years. The ‘Kirmizi Su‘ which translates to red water – natural hot thermal springs bubbling from beneath the calcite rocks – are very rich in calcium, magnesium and sulphurs, at about 56 degrees.

International Karahayit Red Water Culture and Tourism Festival organizes in June every year events that attract many visitors who wish to entertain themselves while looking for healing at the hot spring resorts, hotels, and accommodations.