Galata Tower in Istanbul

Galata Tower Tour, Istanbul (Turkey)

No trip is ever complete without a journey to view one of the light towers or normal towers. In Turkey too, there is one such tower in Istanbul, which not only offers a great view but also gives you the ancient chills that one can only feel at the viewing of amazing architecture and scriptures. Apart from these euphoric feels, one can also achieve great independence of thought and also afford a moment of breathing space from the rollercoaster ride that our lives can be, today. Galata Tower in Istanbul is one of the country’s greatest tourist spots and was known for decades as a cozy spot for lovers from around the world.

History of Galata Tower

The Galata Tower, called the “Galata Kulesi” in Turkish language, is one of the oldest and highest towers in the city of Istanbul. It stands at 63 meters (or 206 feet) high. The tower provides a panoramic view of the old town, a wonderful watch. The tower was built in the 14th century by Genoese people or colony as part of the defense wall that surrounded their district at Galata, which was directly opposite the Ancient Constantin polis. The tower was called “Christea Turris” or as the “Tower of Christ”. The Genoese colony were involved in trade with the Byzantines and this tower was then used for aerial surveillance of the Harbor I,  the region known as the “Golden Horn”. After the arrival of Mehmet II at Constantinople, it was used as a location to detect fires in the city.

After the republic announcement, the tower was restored back to parity and was opened to the public for usage and viewing in 1967. The tower has a cafeteria on top of it, there was a night club situated but was shut down after the latest restoration in 2013. There are a couple of elevators that will take you up a few levels, but there will still be three more floors to climb by staircase to get onto the terrace that offers a panoramic view, which is 52 meters above the ground. There is also a small souvenir shop here, inside the tower, just across the ticket office at the entrance level of the tower.

Attractions of Galata Tower

Observation Gallery – As aforementioned, once used to detect fires across the city, it now offers a panoramic view of the old part of town and makes for a fantastic spectacle. The Panoramic view is just beautiful and breath-capturing.

Roof-top café – The café located here takes the term “Roof-top” to the next level as it is literally the on the top of the roof at the tower, serving some of the best Turkish cuisine and liqueur.

Availability of historical costumes – If you’re someone that always enjoyed history, don’t forget to try on some of the Ottoman costumes here on display for those interested. One can severely enjoy themselves doing the same here, giving a rich, wholesome cultural experience on tour.

Light shows – There are some amazing light shows that take place almost throughout the evening, making for wonderful viewing. Enjoy the occurrence of the lights falling on ancient scriptures and building to get the best experience.

View of the Golden Horn – From the Galata Tower, you can get a clean view of the Golden Horn, another historic representation of Turkish architecture.