Red Valley in Cappadocia

The Red Valley is one of the most spectacular valleys of Cappadocia with its different kind of rock formations in variety colors. One of the nicest and most beautiful places to go walking Red Valley in Cappadocia.
The hidden rock-cut churches in the valley surprise the visitors. You can watch hot air balloon rides early in the morning in this beautiful valley and lots of options for hiking and horseback riding.
Sunset point (near Ortahisar) and hike down through first Red Valley and then continue on the Rose Valley. At the top of Red Valley, you can stop for lunch or a cold drink. This must be the most pretty and serene places to eat in the whole region. It’s right in the valley surrounded by flowers, cave churches and fields full of fruit trees and grapevines.
Red Valley, often considered to be Cappadocia’s most serene stretch of land, where people can walk for hours without seeing another soul.

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