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All Istanbul Tours offers a wide variety of tours around the bustling city of Istanbul and beyond. Tour options include daily city tours, day trips from Istanbul, and even Turkey tour packages. No matter what your schedule or interests, All Istanbul Tours company is sure to have a tour that's perfect for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Istanbul Trips

  • What's the most popular attractions in Istanbul?

    The most popular attractions in Istanbul are the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque.

  • What is the best season to visit Istanbul?

    The best season to visit Istanbul is spring or autumn. The weather is milder than, and the city is less crowded than in summer.

  • What's the best food in Istanbul?

    There are so many great foods to try in Istanbul! I would recommend trying some of the traditional Turkish dishes like kebabs, lahmacun (a type of flatbread), and baklava. There are also lots of great seafood options. Whatever you try, you're sure to find something delicious!

  • How safe is Istanbul?

    Istanbul is a safe city. There is a low crime rate and the city is well-policed. However, as with any large city, there are areas that are more dangerous than others. Use common sense and you will be fine.

  • Are weekend getaways from Istanbul possible?

    Yes, there are plenty of great weekend getaways from Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Antalya, and Troy are all great options. You can easily find tours that will take you to these places in a day or two.

  • How long do Istanbul Daily City Tours usually last?

    The duration of Istanbul tours varies on the type of activities you’re going to take. Most tours in Istanbul usually last from 4-8 hours.

  • Can I book a Istanbul tour alone?

    Yes. Booking an Istanbul excursion for one is fine; you'll be part of different tourists. It will prevent a little. Open excursions are an awesome manner to fulfill new buddies on your ride to Istanbul.

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